Can I Buy Locksmith Tools?

Many homeowners and tinkerers are fascinated with locks, whether it’s because they’ve wondered whether they can repair or replace the ones they have in their home, or from watching spy movies where lockpicking seems like the easiest thing in the world to do. As any Charlotte NC locksmith will tell you, “It ain’t as easy as it looks!” But that doesn’t deter some people from trying to learn the craft on their own.

Experience, knowledge and practice are the three most important factors in creating a good locksmith. But any craftsman is only as good as his tools, so would-be locksmiths often look to find out whether they can buy the tools of the trade. The answer to this question however is two-sided: yes, it’s legal in most areas of the U.S., including North Carolina, to own locksmith tools if you can show that you have an intent to use them legally. But many states (also including North Carolina) prohibit their sale to anyone who isn’t a licensed locksmith, and most online stores won’t even carry them. That can make it quite difficult to acquire the tools for complicated lock repair.

lock18However, if you are in a region where you can own and buy these tools and you are interested in learning the art, you can have a lot of fun and learn a lot by playing with your own locks or safes. Remember that once you use the tools for anything other than legal purposes, however, you’re probably breaking the law.

Choosing the Right Tool

In areas where locksmith tools are available, a common mistake made by most beginners is that they tend to buy tools that are a bit advanced to start with. At some point, they often get disappointed in their performance and eventually quit. For starters, all you really need is a tiny hook, a tension wrench, and a half-diamond. Complex tools such as rakes should be left for later stages of your training, or for expert Charlotte NC locksmiths.

Beginners should concentrate on single pin picking at first, and then move up the ladder slowly as they develop more skills. It is only after mastering the simple tasks that anyone should consider purchasing more expensive and complex lock picking tools.

Owning Locksmith Tools

Having your own set of picking tools can be a cool conversation starter, and also a smart thing (if you know how to use them), since the tools allow you to help friends and family if they’re locked out of their house or have a problem safe, as well as do your own work at home.  Most people associate lock picking with criminals, but there are many positive uses for the skill once you’ve acquired it.

So if you take up lockpicking and locksmithing in the mindset of learning an ancient hobby, and saving a few bucks by avoiding calls to locksmiths, it can be quite rewarding. It does not mean you’ll be able to take up work as a locksmith, however; you need professional training, experience and certification to take that step.

Does A Locksmith Damage Your Locks?

When one is locked out; whether it’s a car, office or even home. It is a basic fact that this is the most agonizing moment. In this state one is concerned mainly on how to gain access again at any cost. Thus, no one is really concerned whether there was any damage done to the door or the locks and even at times the cost incurred.

However, this is an aspect that one should look at even if it is after the experience. In general, a good Charlotte NC Home Locksmith should be in a position to gain access to a lock without inflicting any damage to the lock at all or even the door and the lock should remain useful after the incident if the client wishes so. However, in some cases there may be damage sustained by the lock or even potentially the door. In the case like the lock has been vandalized or by the use of the really high tech locks which cannot be easily picked or those that may require specialized tools to make this happen, drilling may be necessary to gain access.


In such cases the locks have to be replaced or rekeyed and in some instances the door also might need minor repair or a paint job. If you hire an unqualified locksmith, however, the situation might be really different and messy path to the lock and also the door. This is because most of these unqualified crooks only rush to drill without trying another method that work, simply because they are not skilled enough to do it. Therefore, it is really important to choose a qualified and experienced locksmith to work on your locks to avoid such inconveniences.

Functions Of A Locksmith

In basic terms, a locksmith is a technician who has the skills and expertise in the art of making locking systems and also breaking them when circumstances dictate. Good Charlotte NC home locksmiths specialize in virtually all locking systems for cars, business premises and even homes. One of the reasons that you may require a locksmith is to make a duplicate key when you need an extra key for your lock or replacing a lost key. Locksmiths are equipped with tools that enable then duplicate keys easily and conveniently.

Another reason that you may need a locksmith is when you require fitting new locks. As with all equipment’s locks also wear out and when they do so and replacement is due to the most ideal thing to do is to consult the services of an expert for advice and also installation. This should be a preferred choice as they meet the insurance requirement and safety is also guaranteed. The services of the locksmiths can be used to repair locks and also pick locks when you have lost your keys.

Other Services

Locksmiths also give other services like the sale of locking equipment’s which are recommended for installation. Some others locksmith firm also offer general security services to their clients installing things like CCTV surveillance and security system and also grills and bars. Some go as far as giving insurance advice on security matters.

Differences Between Commercial And Home Locksmiths

The question in the minds of many people is the difference between Matthews, NC home locksmiths and commercial locksmiths. And if they are different, why are they? Although locksmiths for both residential and business work in the same way, each has to specialize in order to meet the different demands the residential and commercial customers have. This is because most of the residents will have a few people using the doors, compared with offices or business premises will. But as much as the commercial and residential locksmiths are different, they both should be able to give you high quality information and services. They should know the different types of locks available, and be able to assess which best solves your security problems.

Commercial Locksmiths

So with commercial it is of great importance to ensure that the locks meet the required standards, so that they do not break down or wear out quickly. This can only be achieved by hiring the right commercial locksmiths, with qualifications and experience above average. A commercial locksmith should be able to offer systems and devices designed for the security of each and every business, regardless of location or size. In addition, commercial locksmiths do electronic lock servicing, like access control system usage and implementation, for protecting assets for large businesses and buildings and creating vehicle keys. But also the nature of your enterprise entails the type of locksmith to use, commercial locksmith services are ideal for your cubicle coded lock doors which separate the main offices. The services of a commercial locksmith are generally needed for in large spaced offices with rooms closed by a perimeter. Some of the instances where commercial locksmiths are required are computer servers firms,  industrial and storage warehouses etc.

Residential Locksmiths

Residential locksmiths are very important to a person who really values their personal possessions. A good residential locksmith should be able personalize a lock or security system in line with your unique needs and specifications. It is very risky to secure your possessions with a cheap lock and installed by just some locksmith, you need an expert locksmith with plenty of experience, and there are lots of great Matthews NC home locksmiths. There are various services which a residential locksmith can facilitate for the security of your home, deposit boxes or even your vehicles and many more services. A reputable home locksmith is a specialist in installing sophisticated but high quality lock-sets, as well as planning for key management. They also offer lock out services like replacing locks and keys duplication, lock picking and many more services. Generally, residential locksmiths facilitate for small premises like townhouses, apartments, family houses and brick stone homes. No matter how large your premises are, qualified lock technicians will cater for it with our qualified and highly specialized locksmiths. Residential locksmiths should be able to install door locks, automated security systems and keys.

There are different types of security layers that both locksmiths should be able to employ, but the more complicated the layers more implementation skills are required. And this comes with an extra cost so you should prepare yourself, but both locksmiths should be able to facilitate the best affordable security system.

Your Locksmith Career Guide

If you want to be a locksmith in Charlotte NC, then you are choosing the right career. This is because almost every doorway in every building has a door lock and at times the keys get lost or the locks get broken. And this requires the skills of a locksmith; the demand for locksmiths is higher comparing to the number of locksmiths. Although there are a few factors which are affecting this industry such as technological changes and the fluctuating market the need for locksmiths is very high.

Choosing The Right Trainer


But before choosing to be a locksmith in Charlotte NC you need to research, you need to learn the industry how many locksmiths are there in your locale. Some areas have many locksmiths than others, which will be hard for you to get sufficient jobs. If the area is sufficient enough then you have to be specific with the services you will be offering, what services the customers in the area require most? You will find that some areas will concentrate with commercial while others will be domestic. It’s always advisable to consult first, refer to individuals who have undertaken the course and listen to what their experience was. Also consider talking to a trainer, how experienced themselves do they still practice locksmith-ship that they are able to answer to emerging problems in the market. To be a locksmith does not require many qualifications, here are some of the tips which will guide you as you strive to be a locksmith;

Qualifications Needed

You have to first consider your personality, or how well do you relate to other people because you will need to form long term relationships with many people. Having that smile while unlocking that door may be the key for you to return to replace that other lock, so this is very crucial. There are some other personal characteristics that you will also require, there are some skills and traits you need to combine to be an outstanding locksmith. You need to have a good eye and hand coordination and mechanical skills.

This career does not require formal education, but to be a certified locksmith in Charlotte NC you need extensive training. The courses that you will study are picking locks, safe combination changing, re-keying, business organization and code cutting. You will also need an apprenticeship, which, depending on your locale may take a maximum of four years. To obtain a certificate is not a requirement in this industry, however presenting a certificate to a customer may add credibility to your work.

A certificate may also add to your earnings, because companies or individuals will pay more to a certified individual than the one not certified. This is a good career since you may create your own hours, which you can use to perform other duties. Also with locksmith-ship you do not have to be employed, you can venture in self-employed. So if safes and locks interests you then, being a locksmith is a good career for you, and it is a very flexible one because you can anywhere across the globe. So you are on a good track.

Is A Cheap Locksmith Worth It?

It is a common practice to look for the best value for your money. This does not necessarily mean going for cheap. However, a common practice among middle and lower income earners is to look for the cheapest service available. This defies the law that you get what you pay for, though there are certainly exceptions. In the real sense there are some very good Charlotte home locksmiths available with locksmith education and experience, offering services at very reasonable prices. Some of these prices can actually be termed cheap to some sense; I would not discourage from someone from using cheap locksmith services if they actually deliver without other hidden costs and the quality of their work is satisfactory, since we all try to seek value for our money.

Caution With Cheap Locksmith


As much as we may encourage search for a cheap locksmith, in the attempt to realize the value for money, there however, lay some problems with this sought of services at the current times especially. Due to advancements in technology and fast flow of information there has been a sharp increase in the cases of swindlers in the cases relating to locksmith services. These swindlers post large ads on the web and on the local yellow pages indicating that they have a low charge. They also ensure they have a high online presence, such that when they are on the first pages of the search engines and thus they are quickly confused about the ‘best’ in the area and so quickly contacted.

The issue with these scammers is that the low price they list is just a service charge. When on site they might add other charges such as transportation, materials and also for the duration that they will spend. In such a case, you find that you may be billed way more than it reasonably could be. For this reason, to avoid such inconveniences, it is wise to inquire possibly for all rates applicable; a good locksmith will readily share their price list. It is only from such a price that one can really comprehensively conclude that the service is cheap. Otherwise, you might learn the hard way the saying that “cheap is expensive.”

Quality Compromise

When dealing with these cheap locksmiths another factor that one should put is the quality of the service and also the materials used. It is no need to term a service, cheap if the factor making it cheap is sub-standard materials and equipment’s. This is dishonesty and a possible threat to your security or even life and it is not worth it. The proper way of determining that a particular service is cheap is when it is compared with another that is on the same level. It is also not proper to consider the service cheaper if it comes along with inconveniences; for example, it is far much better to pay a few extra dollars than wait for a locksmith for two hours for them to arrive.

Therefore it’s okay to look for a cheap service provider but keep in mind that there are a number of factors to consider qualifying the service as cheap.